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Doll Re-stringing Service & Re-stringing Supplies

Most antique and vintage jointed dolls were strung together using elastic cords or rubber bands. These are prone to slackening/perishing with age and will often need replacing at some time during a doll's life. Always ensure this is done correctly as incorrect tension can result in unstableness or damage to head and weakening to doll's body openings.

Here at Diane's Dolls UK, I offer a professional restringing service for antique bisque, composition and vintage hard plastic dolls.

***Current Special Offer *** .. Doll re-stringing at Dianes Dolls**..

Your antique, vintage and hard plastic dolls up to 16 inch now re-strung for only £25.00 each including return journey home (within UK). Please Contact Me with details of doll you wish to have restrung.. Return time is currently.. 7-10 working days.

If you prefer to re-string your own dolls, I can also help!.. Please find below range of same brand professional quality elastic cord and tools I use for doll re-stringing in my re-string clinic. ..


Overseas customers .. customers outside of UK please Contact Me with your order details and I'll get right back to you with total including shipping for your area. 

Elastic Cord for doll re-stringingElastic Cord for doll re-stringingElastic Cord for doll re-stringingElastic Cord for doll re-stringingElastic Cord for doll re-stringingElastic Cord for doll re-stringing

Forceps tool for doll re-stringingForceps tool for doll re-stringingElastic Cord for doll re-stringingProfessional quality elastic cords, tough and long lasting. They have excellent tension for doll re-stringing and the capability to stretch to around 100%. Choice of sizes range from 1.5mm cord right up to the extra strong 5mm thickness. The smallest 1.5mm cord is usually my choice for re-stringing tiny/miniature dolls up to around 4 to 5 inches in height. I tend to use the thickest 5mm cord for large sized dolls upwards of 21 inches in height (depending on build/material of doll). The most frequently used sizes in my doll re-stringing work are 3mm and 4mm. These are my best selling sizes too as they're ideal for the most common sized dolls. Sizes 1.5mm - 4mm have multi stranded rubber core encased by strong woven polyester outer sheath. The 5mm has slightly different construction having solid single rubber core. Elastic cord is supplied in 3 metre length packs (just select your size from the drop down box below). Due to popular demand I now supply a mixed pack of one metre length of each of the 6 sizes (see last photo), 6 metres in total. The straight nose 6 inch and 10 inch locking forceps are the same brand that I use in my doll re-stringing clinic. Made from stainless steel with locking mechanism to grip cord when forcep jaws are closed, they come in choice of small (6 inches in length) and large long reach (10 inches in length) for larger dolls.

Size Options as Follows - Including FREE UK POST!!

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